Weekly Update — DeFi Regulation 12/1–12/8/2021

OKEx shared insights on trading, regulation, DeFi and more during recent Markets Pro AMA

Crypto FAQs answered — everything you need to know about crypto regulations, trading, taxes and CBDC in India

The Need To Regulate Cryptocurrencies: Here Are 5 Reasons Why It’s Important From Investors Point Of View

Biden and Trump S.E.C. Chiefs Trade Tips on How to Regulate Crypto

Morgan Stanley Sees Crypto-Banking Regulation Arriving Faster Than Expected

FTX releases crypto regulation proposals before US congressional hearing

Crypto Regulation Tucked Into Infrastructure Bill Raises Surveillance Concerns; Receivers Would Have To Collect Tax IDs on Transactions Over $10,000

Crypto has a reputation for being hostile to regulation. In Canada, that’s changing

Gensler Says Crypto Platforms Need to Register



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