Weekly Update — DeFi Regulation 12/8–12/15/2021

IMF outlines cryptocurrency risks, calls for coordinated global regulation

Bank of England calls for global tightening of crypto regulation

The pressing questions about crypto regulation that India needs to answer

LIVE BLOG: House Meets on Crypto Regulation

Global crypto regulation should be comprehensive and coordinated

Australia Set for Massive Shakeup to Crypto Regulations: Treasurer

Russian regulators aim to increase legislation in the crypto sector

Ukraine’s new crypto law could make it a trading hub. Some would rather it stayed in the shadows

Robinhood’s chief legal officer says ‘it’s a stretch’ to believe crypto legislation is coming anytime soon

‘Decentralization illusion’: Central bank group urges regulation of DeFi crypto platforms

The decentralization promised by DeFi is an ‘illusion’ and a threat to global financial stability, BIS warns

China DeFi sector booms despite regulators’ crypto crackdown

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