Lobby is Disrupting Traditional Finance

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is growing and getting stronger as emerging industries plan to make new policies by implementing advanced blockchain technology. Policymakers are searching for plausible new policies and regulations to assist the crypto community and give them a voice in decentralized policymaking.

$LBY will be attending an important conference on February 12th as part of the 60 million Congress. The conference is a series of internationally organized events that bring together key business and political leaders linked to the European Union, Poland, and the United States. The main goal behind the conference is to provide a meeting platform for professionals, executives, and business leaders to exchange ideas, initiate discussions and provide solutions, further leading to the development of business and political partnerships between the EU and the US.

Congress held previous events in NYC, London, Berlin, Miami, Buffalo, and Poland. The 60 million Congress presents a unique opportunity to be part of a global network of individuals. The Congress will include discussion panels with experts, business leaders, government representatives, community activists, and more. Topics discussed will include diplomacy, logistics, transatlantic business opportunities, agriculture, and more.

$LBY believes it can play a role and be a leader in how regulators influence policies and stand against the actions that benefit necessary firms in the industry instead of regulating them. $LBY will encourage community participation and awareness by having token utilities and incorporating blockchain voting. $LBY would like to promote the interests of the crypto community by proactively engaging with politicians to ask for regulation. Engagement can be fulfilled by direct lobbying and creating an easy way for the whole community to communicate. Lobby’s involvement in election cycles will also help the community participate and to receive donations that can be used as incentives for policymakers. To achieve decentralization, $LBY will distribute governance tokens to a large number of voters that can assume governance. Participants will also be rewarded for doing tasks that help the DAO achieve its goals.

You can buy $LBY governance token at any of the two exchanges on the website — UniSwap and HotBit. First, you will need to download and install Metamask on Chrome or Firefox to connect your wallet to UniSwap. Once you log into UniSwap, you will need to have some $ETH so you can purchase $LBY. If you don’t have $ETH, you can buy it on Coinbase or Binance and send it to your Metamask wallet. After you acquire $ETH, you will find two tabs for exchanging $ETH to $LBY tokens. You can also import $LBY by pasting their contact address. Place the input you need and set the slippage to 11%. On HotBit, you can buy $LBY by exchanging it with $USDT.

$LBY believes that by raising awareness and giving the community a role to participate and take action, there might be a good chance to stand against government officials who want nothing but to suppress innovation by creating laws and regulations that don’t make sense.




Join the fight against harmful crypto regulations. Let’s be proactive, not reactive. @lobby_token $LBY #LobbyToken #CryptoRegulation

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Join the fight against harmful crypto regulations. Let’s be proactive, not reactive. @lobby_token $LBY #LobbyToken #CryptoRegulation

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