Crypto vs the Government

4 min readFeb 17, 2022


Cryptocurrency is currently at a stage where the efforts of governments and countries in banning the investment in or the use of crypto is becoming harder. Millions of people worldwide have heard about crypto, but many still fear it because they have no actual knowledge of what crypto is and what it is capable of.

An important conference was held on February 12th as part of the 60 million Congress, an internationally organized event that brought together key business and political leaders linked to the European Union, Poland, and the United States. Among the discussion panelists was Eli Finkelman, an entrepreneur, innovator, and the founder of the $LBY token. Alex Lightman is an advisor to dozens of crypto projects, crypto author, and chairman. Ella is a crypto educator for individuals, businesses and over 100 universities. Lukach is the CTO at Kanga crypto exchange, and Richard Volkow is an attorney and CPA helping people evade tax issues with crypto.

Lobby is currently working to be part of the conversation in Washington to lobby members of Congress and regulators. $LBY aims to maintain the sole of DeFi and the sole of crypto.

Crypto is at a time exactly like when the internet was first introduced. One of the leading factors currently at the forefront is the DeFi space. It is an area that is going to disrupt every industry, from logistics to real estate, government and insurance, which is all powered by smart contracts. These contracts allow you to provide all kinds of use cases, from lending, borrowing, and tokenization and will propel us to the next level that we are entering.

Individuals who enter the crypto market usually do so with one goal: to make money. Most individuals who invest are not sure what they are investing in. They are buying because everyone is buying and when a correction occurs, they panic sell. Education is key; Ella helps small and large investors by explaining crypto helping them diversify their portfolio. To be aware of this market, you have to put two things into consideration, psychology and having a strategy. If you don’t have a strategy when entering the crypto market, you will not be able to handle a loss if it occurs. You need to have a plan because, without a plan, you are just giving money to the market.

The most intelligent thing people can do right now is invest in decentralized assets, currency, digital commodities, crypto derivatives, crypto advertising, and lobbying. This way, you leave less power in the hands of banks. Bankers are able to manipulate everything in the outside world. Defi is the key to eliminating the middleman. Crypto assets are internet protocols which means countries such as China that are claiming that they will ban crypto will not be able to no matter what they do. Crypto is stronger than both political parties and the governments. What makes crypto great is its community. The stronger the community, the stronger the value of the asset will be.

Crypto is a solution to real-world problems; it is not just for fun. For instance, if you transfer money from a bank, the transaction may stop for no reason and take a long time. On the other hand, transferring money through crypto is much simpler and hassle-free than with banks. There are several countries in Europe building towards a crypto-friendly environment.

Crypto has been identified as property; hence the IRS has made tax strategies easy. Crypto can be seen as a great opportunity, not just from taxation but also as an investment. Florida has embraced ways of raising crypto, the mayor of Miami has allowed for a Miami coin to act as a city coin in raising funds for city projects. Funds have reached about $5.25 million, which is an achievement for the use of crypto.

In order for all of the abovementioned to be realized, there has to be a collaboration between the government and innovators. $LBY token aims to sponsor both of these segments by being that bridge that can help seal the gap and allow $LBY to fulfill its goals both in the US and worldwide. Crypto is a great opportunity that has an interesting and exciting market that will surely give you your freedom and continue to expand in the future.

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